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in the fbi to start about six months ago now in the criminal complaint alleges that a sergeant in king city between the two doesn't end in two thousand thirteen had that towed and impounded more than two hundred vehicles and as you mentioned injured in the introduction of for every ten or fifteen that you would bring to the lot. he would get one in which it now the prop are the problem is that most of the car as i was in town they were being sent to just one total yards nearly ninety percent of all the impound the cars are going to this one till your problem is that these tow yard also happens to belong to the brother of the acting police chief banking city so that things did seem a little strain is there ultimately the district attorney. i did step and ultimately a rest in the six officers and civilian obviously after all conflict of interest there would have been telling company. i meant on the twenty police officers are being charged with break now. sure the most serious charges are bribery and embezzlement all felony charges which carry up to forty years. with each cow very bizarre sche
million dollar health care fraud scheme. despite the evidence and getting caught in an fbi sting calderon has pled not guilty they sail the world world the way they operate that way now in the legal system to enter above it is well. and that's when the plane to think a technicality or a loophole or some somebody maybe won't testify or a peacekeeper work. now they face still feel above it also in california a state senator robert wright was found guilty of all eight criminal counts of perjury and voter fraud last month prosecutors say my pretended to live in a rental property just so he can run for senate in that district state republicans trying to expel him from office but failed to garner enough votes he is now on unpaid leave of absence until his sentencing meanwhile an ohio state representative pete that is facing sixty nine charges of fraud theft perjury receiving stolen goods and engaging in a pattern of polite behavior prosecutors say he funneled money to his campaign and also a local church authorities say operates more like a pull back pleaded not guilty and is even seeking re el
with the fbi. still ahead here at artsy it turns out that martin is a lesson there and then at once. science has now claimed that the red planet has a lake with water well this discovery the future trips to live on mars more likely. more and after the parade the moon. i married him going. impartial for commentary. only on about. state. once again i've never had that with her daycare. former model. could it. if you don't. the price is the only industry specifically mentioned that's because a free and open price is critical to our democracy should out of it. oh well in fact the single greatest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and civic so we can hide change my handphone possible trans national corporations that would profit by destroying our founding fathers on the market and on the show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going i'm going to go beyond a doubt. rational debate no real discussion of critical issues facing america. ready to join the movement. walk the beach. i was. you can. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3